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Kajabi affiliate conversions when using a third party payment gateway

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    Meiring from CheckoutJoy

Today we released support for Kajabi Affiliates when connecting a third party payment gateway using CheckoutJoy. With this feature, businesses using CheckoutJoy can keep track of their affiliate conversions when accepting payments through payment gateways.

Why this feature

Out of the box, Kajabi does not provide any way to record affiliate conversions when using any checkout method other than PayPal or Stripe. This is bad news for anyone using webhooks or Zapier integration with third-party payment methods since the affiliate tracking information are lost during the checkout process.

This feature solves this problem by automatically recording the referral information on checkout so that no affiliate conversion is ever lost. CheckoutJoy also calculates the commission and provides a full report of your affiliate conversions.

Background on the Kajabi Affiliate Program

The Kajabi Affiliate Program lets your partners earn a commission by referring customers to your Kajabi website or selling products on your behalf. When someone signs up to your Kajabi affiliate program, they receive an affiliate link (URL) to direct customers to your Kajabi site. When someone clicks on this link from anywhere (might be your partner's website, Facebook page, Twitter/Instagram post etc.), they are directed to your Kajabi site. If this customer then purchases any your offers within 30 days, Kajabi records the sale as an "affiliate conversion", which earns your affiliate a percentage of the sale in commission. You set up the % commission when setting up the Offer in Kajabi.

For an affiliate conversion to be recorded, the following needs to happen:

  • The customer needs to buy a product from your Kajabi site within 30 days from clicking the affiliate link.
  • The customer needs to use the same browser to buy the offer than was used to click the affiliate link.
  • The Offer needs to have the Give an affiliate commission option enabled in Kajabi.
the kajabi affiliate program dashboard

Something to keep in mind

There is still the problem that Kajabi can't record affiliate conversions when using a third-party payment gateway. This means that your affiliate dashboard on Kajabi will not have the correct conversion data, as only the PayPal transactions will be included in these figures. On the other hand, your CheckoutJoy affiliate dashboard will show the conversions of customers that paid using your third-party gateway, but not PayPal.

Luckily both Kajabi and CheckoutJoy allows exporting the conversion data, so you can pull the conversions from both systems in order to calculate the commission to be paid to the affiliate.

If a currency conversion was done by CheckoutJoy, then both currencies are available in the affiliate report.

Wrapping up

This post gave a quick overview on the new Kajabi Affiliate support in CheckoutJoy that records affiliate conversions when processing a purchase. Businesses that connects a third-party payment gateway to Kajabi through CheckoutJoy, and use the Kajabi Affiliate Program are now able to pull a report of all the affiliate conversions done via their payment gateway.

You can read more here on how to sign up and get started.

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