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The Power of Choice: Embracing Multiple Currencies in Your Thinkific Courses.

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    Meiring de Wet

The CheckoutJoy App for Thinkific lets you design your checkout pages packed with essential features to help you sell more!

Sell Globally with Multi-Currency Support

One of the biggest challenges in e-commerce is allowing customers to checkout in their local currency.

With the CheckoutJoy App for Thinkific, you can effortlessly sell courses in any currency, and you can even let the customer change the currency at checkout time with real-time currency conversion. This makes your courses accessible to learners across the globe, and you’ll likely see an uptick in conversion rates and a decrease in cart abandonment.

Local Payment Solutions at Your Fingertips

Why limit your students with international payment methods when you can offer them a familiar local solution?

With CheckoutJoy, you can integrate various local payment processors and methods such as Klarna, iDeal, SEPA, PayFast, Instamojo, Razorpay, and Xendit. This not only builds trust but also streamlines the checkout process for learners.

No More Sales Tax Headaches

Calculating sales tax can be a daunting task, especially for international sales. With CheckoutJoy's automatic sales tax calculation, you can rest assured that the correct tax amount is added to the cart every time, ensuring compliance and accuracy.

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