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How to charge VAT for Thinkific checkouts using Quaderno & CheckoutJoy

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    Meiring de Wet

Charging sales tax for online courses is hard 😫.

The laws are confusing, and very few LMS platforms support this on their checkouts, which leaves you with the task of sorting out the VAT and invoices manually after the fact 😭

That's where Quaderno comes in - their platform helps businesses calculate and collect taxes, generate and send invoices, and generate tax reports - no matter where your business is or where your customers are from.

Connecting Quaderno with CheckoutJoy lets you automate your tax compliance on any platform where you sell your courses in a few easy steps.

This enables you to -

🚀 charge the correct VAT at checkout based on your customer’s billing address

🚀 deliver a VAT-compliant invoice to your customer after checkout

🚀 enroll your customer on any platform - they immediately have access to the purchased course

All this happens automatically so you can relax and watch your sales stream in and your invoices fly out 😎

Here's a quick demo of how this works on Thinkific, but the same applies to Kajabi, Teachable, Kartra or any other platform we support.

How to get started

  1. Install the CheckoutJoy App for Thinkific
  2. Connect your Quaderno account to CheckoutJoy
  3. Create your checkout page in CheckoutJoy

Now you can start selling your courses knowing that you will charge the appropriate taxes at checkout!

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