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How to use CheckoutJoy's Custom checkout pages for Kajabi

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    Meiring de Wet

This post gives an overview of CheckoutJoy's hosted checkout pages which allows you to sell your Kajabi offers on an optimized checkout page with advanced features like automatic sales tax calculations, multiple currencies and additional payment types.

The checkout pages are automatically secured with SSL and can also be connected to any domain. This gives your customers a seamless experience as they never leave your business domain.

What are CheckoutJoy Hosted Checkout Pages

CheckoutJoy provides customizable hosted checkout pages which allows you to sell your Kajabi offers on a mobile-first, hosted checkout page using any of CheckoutJoy's supported payment gateways.

Using a custom checkout page, businesses can easily do the following:

  • add additional payment options to your checkout pages
  • sell in any supported currency
  • real-time onscreen currency conversions
  • customize the look and feel and change the layout of the checkout page
  • add additional features like countdown timers, pre-checkout upsell modals, rich content and videos

Checkout pages are hosted on our worldwide content delivery network (CDN) which means that your pages are delivered lightning-fast from the closest point to your customer.

Payment Options

One of the main benefits of using custom checkout pages is that you can add any of CheckoutJoy's supported payment gateways to the checkout page, and change the display and layout according to how you want it.

You can split out any of the supported payment options, or preselect certain payment options offered by your payment processor. You could for example separate iDEAL and Klarna payment options - both offered by Mollie

All the payment flows are 100% secure as your customer's payment details are handled by the PCI compliant payment processor in secure browser windows.

Sales Tax calculations

CheckoutJoy is integrated with Quaderno - a sales tax management solution that provides automatic tax compliance for online businesses worldwide.

Using the Quaderno API, CheckoutJoy automatically calculates sales taxes on your checkout pages based on where your customers are from. If your customer is a VAT registered business, we also do the business number verification via Quaderno and adjusts the appropriate sales taxes accordingly.

Our checkout pages are location aware, which means that it will detect the country where the customer is browsing from and do the sales tax calculations based on that location.

For example - customers from the Netherlands will be charged the appropriate rate of BTW (VAT in the Netherlands), while customers from Sweden will be charged SOMS.


When using our Quaderno integration, CheckoutJoy will also automatically generate invoices in your Quaderno account after a successful checkout.

This will ensure that you have 100% tax compliant invoices for your customers worldwide.

Connecting to your domain

The great thing about our custom checkout pages is that they can be connected to any subdomain on your business' domain.

This means that you can organize all your checkout pages under a subdomain - e.g.

and connect that subdomain to CheckoutJoy using our easy setup tool. All it takes is a CNAME entry in your DNS provider's settings that points your subdomain to

and you have a secure checkout page on your subdomain.

SSL Certificates, Hosting and Security

In order to connect your domain securely to CheckoutJoy we will provision a SSL certificate on your behalf at no extra cost. This means that you have the maximum security without the need to manually generate or purchase a SSL certificate. Your checkout page will have a URL like the one below:

Your checkout page is also hosted on a worldwide content delivery network (CDN) which means that your page and images will be delivered to your customers from the closest point in the global network. In short - the page and all it's content will load lightning fast!

If you want to know more about custom domains, please check out our help pages on the topic and step-for-step guides.

Wrapping up

If you want to know more about our custom checkout pages, please get in touch on email.

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