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Accepting Payments with Vipps through CheckoutJoy for Your Thinkific Online Courses

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    Meiring de Wet

Hei alle sammen! 🇳🇴

Have you ever stumbled across the ultimate platform to host your online courses (yes, we're talking about Thinkific) and then thought, "How do I make it super easy for my Norwegian audience to pay?" If that's a riddle you're trying to solve, we've got a golden solution for you: Vipps via CheckoutJoy. Let's break it down.

What is Vipps?

Before we jump into the integration magic, let's shed some light on Vipps for those who might not be familiar.

Vipps is Norway's leading payment app, and it's as Norwegian as brunost on waffles. Launched in 2015 by DNB, Norway's largest financial services group, Vipps swiftly became a favorite for hassle-free mobile payments.

Whether it's for splitting the bill at a restaurant, buying that snazzy jumper online, or now, enrolling in an online course, Vipps makes transactions smooth as glacial fjord waters.

For Norwegian businesses, integrating Vipps is practically a no-brainer!

Why CheckoutJoy?

Now, while Thinkific is a stellar platform for online courses, it doesn't natively support Vipps. That's where CheckoutJoy comes into play.

CheckoutJoy acts as a bridge between Thinkific and Vipps, allowing course creators to accept payments seamlessly, efficiently, and with that added touch of 'Norsk' that your audience will appreciate.

Setting up Vipps with CheckoutJoy for Thinkific: A Quick Guide

  1. Sign Up with CheckoutJoy: First things first, hop on over to CheckoutJoy and create an account. It's as easy as pie!
  2. Integrate Thinkific: In the CheckoutJoy dashboard, you'll find an option to connect your Thinkific account. Follow the prompts, and you'll be set in no time.
  3. Set up Vipps: Now, for the exciting bit! In CheckoutJoy, navigate to payment gateways and select Vipps. You'll need your Vipps Merchant details for this step. If you don't have these yet, it's high time you get them because, remember, it's all about making life easy for your audience.
  4. Customize the Experience: While the basic setup is done, you can always spruce things up. Choose how you'd like the checkout page to look, decide on the payment confirmation messages, and make sure everything is in line with your brand.
  5. Test and Go Live: Before you set sail, always test the waters. Make a test purchase to ensure everything works as it should. Once you're satisfied, it's time to go live and watch those enrollments roll in!

In Conclusion

For any Norwegian business selling online courses on Thinkific, integrating Vipps via CheckoutJoy is a powerful strategy to simplify the payment process and enhance user experience.

It's like giving your students a warm, inviting cabin to shelter in after a snowy mountain trek. They'll thank you for it, and your business will thrive.

Lykke til (good luck) on your online course journey! And remember, when in doubt, make it Norsk-friendly! 🇳🇴🏔️📚

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