PayFast and Kajabi

Connecting PayFast and Kajabi to accept payments in ZAR

South African businesses using PayFast can now accept payments in ZAR on Kajabi.

What is the problem

For a South African business selling products on Kajabi, accepting ZAR is not as easy as it should be. They are limited to accepting payments only through PayPal, which introduces a lengthy and costly process of getting their revenue paid into a South African bank account. Some businesses have resorted to setting up a US business with Stripe Atlas and using services like Transferwise to get the sales back to ZAR, while others have tried sending payment links manually to customers, adding the burden of customer, access & payment management to an already busy schedule of running online business.

How do we solve this problem?

CheckoutJoy is an integration service that enables South African businesses selling products and courses on Kajabi to take payments in ZAR using PayFast, directly from their Kajabi checkout pages. The CheckoutJoy solution provides a seamless checkout experience for customers buying products on Kajabi, and automates the process of customer and access management on Kajabi.

CheckoutJoy works by adding a widget to Kajabi that embeds a payment button linked to your PayFast account, directly onto the checkout pages of all your Kajabi Offers. This gives your customers the option to pay via debit/credit card (or any other available PayFast payment option) directly to your PayFast account. This means that your customers are charged in ZAR, and your revenue settles straight into your PayFast account without any delay or transfers.

The solution works for all types of Kajabi offers and payment plans, including once off payments, recurring payments and subscriptions.

In addition, CheckoutJoy will automatically manage your subscription payments and your customers' access to purchased Kajabi Offers and memberships. This includes:

How do you get started?

CheckoutJoy is a paid monthly subscription service (pricing details here). To get started you need to sign up for an account and complete the following easy steps. It should take about 10 minutes to set everything up and start taking payments on Kajabi!

Payments are 100% secure and your transaction data is encrypted and stored securely according to the required industry standards. You can read more about the checkout process here

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