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    Sell your Thinkific courses using PayFast - easy step-by-step guide

    Time to start selling on Thinkific using PayFast! This guide takes you through setting up the CheckoutJoy App for Thinkific which enables you to sell your Thinkific courses using PayFast. You can even sell your courses in Rands!

    Check out this easy step-by-step guide to sell your Thinkific courses using PayFast.

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    Taking payments on Thinkific with PayFast

    Are you a South African business doing the hussle on Thinkific? Not happy with the 2-step checkout process? Struggling to make those sales using only PayPal as payment option?

    Then we have a surprise for you!

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    How to use CheckoutJoy's Custom checkout pages for Kajabi

    This post gives an overview of CheckoutJoy's hosted checkout pages for Kajabi - which allows you to sell your Kajabi offers on an optimized checkout page with advanced features like automatic sales tax calculations, multiple currencies and additional payment types.

    The checkout pages are automatically secured with SSL and can also be connected to any domain (CheckoutJoy will handle the SSL certificates at no extra cost). This gives your customers a seamless experience as they never leave your business domain.

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    How to set up multi-currency offers on Kajabi

    This post shows how to use the CheckoutJoy custom script to redirect customers to different checkout or sales pages based on where they're from.

    The CheckoutJoy multi-currency routing script is a free-to-use custom script that is added to Kajabi websites to direct customers to currency - or country specific offers based on where they're from.

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    Accept payments on Kajabi with Razorpay

    We've added integration to Razorpay - one of the leading payment gateways in India that offers over 100+ payment methods to their customers, including Credit and Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Rupay, AMEX, Diners), Net Banking from top 50+ banks, UPI (Web Collect & UPI Intent), Online Wallets, EMIs (Credit/Debit Cards & Cardless) and PayLater and NEFT/RTGS payments.

    Through this integration, any company in India can now accept payments directly to their Razorpay merchant accounts from their Kajabi checkout pages.

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    How to (easily) connect a third-party payment processor with Kajabi

    According to Kajabi's support page, the way to connect third-party payment gateways to Kajabi is by using the automation platform Zapier. You can do this by linking up Zapier apps that execute certain Kajabi actions when a payment is received by your payment gateway. For example, if a customer pays for an offer by credit card using an Adyen payment link, that customer must be added to your site as a Kajabi member and the app must grant the customer access to the offer. Most commonly these Zapier apps connect to the gateways through other e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Magento, that in turn integrates with the payment gateway to handle the payment events.

    In this post I look at why using Zapier to connect a third-party payment processor to Kajabi isn't a workable solution for most businesses, and how CheckoutJoy uniquely solves this problem.