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3 Ways CheckoutJoy Increases Sales on Thinkific

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    Meiring de Wet

Ready to see your Thinkific sales soar? With CheckoutJoy, it's all about making things easier for you and your customers. We're talking about accepting payments from all over the globe, embedding a simple-to-use checkout widget right on your Thinkific pages, and even selling multiple products with our cool Storefronts feature. CheckoutJoy is all about optimizing your platform for a global audience, making checkouts a breeze, and boosting the overall user experience. Get ready for happier customers and healthier sales!

Using local payment processors and currencies

Thinkific is one of the best course platforms out there and selling your courses using Thinkific is in many ways a no-brainer. In terms of payments, though, it offers Stripe, PayPal, and their in-house payment solution TPayments as payment options, whereas TPayments is currently only offered to US and Canadian customers.

Using Stripe, of course, is also a no-brainer, but there are limitations to what Stripe can do on Thinkific.

The issue with their Stripe offering is

1) Stripe is only offered in 30 countries, and

2) Thinkific’s Stripe integration only supports Credit Card payments, and none of Stripe’s other payment methods like Klarna, Afterpay, Google Pay etc. that makes using Stripe so appealing when selling to an international crowd.

Using CheckoutJoy with Thinkific, you can connect your Stripe account, accept payments in any of Stripe’s supported currencies, and use any of their payment methods.

If you’re on Thinkific and from a part of the world where Stripe is not available, you can connect any of our 16+ supported payment gateways around the world to accept payments in your local currency.

Remove Friction by Embedding our Checkout Widget on your Thinkific pages

If you’re looking to remove friction and make buying your products as easy as possible, then our Embedded Checkout is the way to go.

The widget is the quickest way to get a customer to buy your products, as it sits directly on your sales or landing pages and doesn’t require them to go to a separate checkout page.

You can embed the widget inline or have it as a popup, and it’s super easy to set up:

  1. Create the widget in CheckoutJoy - select the product to sell, customize the language, select the payment options to offer the customer, and add an order bump for that extra sales boost.
  2. Select how your widget will display -
    • Inline mode - the widget will display as part of your page and be visible when the page loads. This is perfect if you want to create your own checkout page, or display the price and payment options to the customer immediately when the page loads;
    • Popup - the widget displays as a popup when a button or link is clicked. You can easily set up which button to trigger the popup.
  3. Add the widget to your page in Thinkific - this is done directly from the Thinkific Page Builder, simply add our “Checkout Widget” section to any page and set the widget settings in Thinkific.

Sell multiple products using the Storefronts

Storefronts allow you to display all your courses and products as a e-commerce store. Products are listed and categorized into Collections so that they are easy to find.

The biggest advantage is that the Storefront has a cart allowing the customer to purchase many products at once. This means only one checkout and one payment, and they will automatically get access to all their products right after checkout.

You can also enable multiple currencies with Storefronts, allowing the customer to change the customer and view and purchase all the prices in their local currency.

You can link your storefront to your domain so that it creates a familiar experience for your customers.

How customers are doing this

Here’s an example of a course creator that uses the CheckoutJoy app on Thinkific.

First of all, they’re selling their courses in Swiss Franks (CHF), which Thinkific does not currently support, and because they’re selling to customers in the EU, they also have to deal with the complexities of EU VAT collection and invoices.

Using CheckoutJoy, they can sell their courses in CHF and automatically include any applicable sales taxes or VAT in the checkout. Their customers are charged the correct VAT amount and receive their VAT-compliant invoice right after checkout.

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