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Using Quaderno for automatic tax calculation on Kajabi (using CheckoutJoy's hosted checkout pages)

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    Meiring de Wet

We recently added support for Quaderno, which provides automatic tax calculation, sales receipts, and invoices for your sales when using CheckoutJoy's custom checkout pages for Kajabi.

What is Quaderno

Quaderno is a sales tax management solution that provides automatic tax compliance for online businesses worldwide. Quaderno helps businesses to comply with tax laws in any country, and also provides a sales tax API that can be used to charge the appropriate sales taxes for customers based on where they're purchasing from.

In addition to sales tax management, Quaderno offers automatic invoicing, instant tax reports, a variety of useful integrations.

What are CheckoutJoy Hosted Checkout Pages

CheckoutJoy provides customizable hosted checkout pages which allows Kajabi businesses to sell their offers on a mobile-first, hosted checkout page using any of CheckoutJoy's supported payment gateways.

Using a custom checkout page, businesses can easily do the following:

  • add additional payment options to their checkout pages
  • sell in any supported currency (including real-time onscreen currency conversions)
  • customize the look and feel and change the layout of the checkout page
  • easily add additional functionality like countdown timers, pre-checkout upsell modals, rich content and videos

The checkout pages are secured with SSL and can also be connected to any domain (CheckoutJoy will handle the SSL certificates at no extra cost). Going this route ensures that you give your customers a seamless experience as they never leave your business domain.

How does Quaderno work with CheckoutJoy

Quaderno integration is available for customers that use CheckoutJoy's custom checkout pages. After a simple setup, the CheckoutJoy+Quaderno integration provides automatic tax calculation, sales receipts, and invoices for your sales around the world.

Sales tax calculations

Using the Quaderno API, CheckoutJoy will calculate sales taxes on your checkout pages based on where your customers are from. Since we're calling the API from our secure hosted checkout pages, this feature is only available if you have the Pro package.

Receipts and Invoices

After a successful checkout, CheckoutJoy will create an invoice in your Quaderno account.

If you want to learn more about our custom checkout pages, see this link.

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