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Setting up Kajabi Order Bumps when using a third party payment gateway

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    Meiring from CheckoutJoy

It is now possible to use Kajabi's built-in order bump functionality when connecting a third party payment gateway using CheckoutJoy.

With this feature, your customers can choose to purchase an additional product directly from your Checkout Page and pay through your local payment gateway.

How to set up Order Bumps on Kajabi

This link explains how to add an order bump to an existing offer in Kajabi. When an offer bump is activated, Kajabi will display a checkbox on the checkout page to add the second offer to the order.How to set up Order Bumps with checkoutjoy

How to set up Order Bumps on CheckoutJoy

After setting up your order bump on Kajabi, you need to add the same configuration to CheckoutJoy (I hope one day that Kajabi will provide an API so that information like this can just be pulled..).

To add your order bump configuration in CheckoutJoy, select the offer that you want to add the order bump to from the Offers view and then simply select the offer that you added Kajabi as the order bump from the dropdown list under the Offer Bump section.

And that's it!

Your checkout page will now display the order bump checkbox to add a second offer to the order, and when a customer pays using a third-party payment option, CheckoutJoy will activate both offers for the customer. The customer will receive two configuration emails from Kajabi for both offers (original and order bump), and new customers will also receive their login details from Kajabi in a separate email.

How to set up Order Bumps with checkoutjoy

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